Recycling saves trees, protects habitat, helps reduce greenhouse gases, reduces the need for landfills, and curbs pollution. The average homeowner can reduce garbage by as much as 30 to 40 per cent by recycling.

The City uses a split body recycling cart collection system for single family residences. Increasing the use of your recycling cart will minimize household garbage and help to keep your household within the two bag/container garbage limit.

Reusable household construction and renovation materials can be brought to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore located at the corner of Second Line and North Street.

The City's recycling facility is owned and operated by Green For Life Environmental.

For a list of accepted materials and for more information about recycling, visit the Waste Guide page.

For more information, contact Mike Blanchard, Manager, Waste Management and Refuse, at 705-541-7087 or email:

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