City By-laws

These by-laws are provided for public information only and should not be used in place of certified copies which can be obtained through the City Clerk's Department, Level 4, Civic Centre. Every effort is made to ensure that the by-laws on this web site are accurate and contain the latest amendments; however, the Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided here.

For more details or assistance regarding City by-laws, please contact the Legal Department at: 705-759-5400

  By-laws By-law Description
Animals 2019-117 Animal Care and Control
Bicycles, etc. 94-107 Bicycling, Rollerblading and Skateboarding
(Queen and Gore Street, Civic Centre - 99 Foster Drive,
and Roberta Bondar Park)
Birds 2005-37 Pigeons
Bows Discharge 1990-197 Discharge of Bows in the Municipality
Building 2008-148 Building By-law
CAO 2007-48 Chief Administrative Officer
Cemetery 2012-129  Cemeteries
Schedules "A" to "D"
Culture 2013-117 Cultural Vitality Committee
Code of Conduct 2017-242 Code of Conduct – Council and Local Boards
Fees 2023-183 User Fees and Service Charges
Firearms 2008-168 Discharge of firearms in the Municipality
Fireworks 2013-146 Sale and Use of Fireworks
Hub Trail 2018-13 Use of Vehicles on the Hub Trail 
Licensing 2003-50 Amusement Arcades
2003-52 Pawnbrokers
2019-164 Pay Day Loan
2003-54 Plumbers
2018-67 Food Vendors & Peddlers
Moving 84-170 Moving of Structures on City Streets
Noise 80-200 Noises in the City
See also: Schedule "A" Map
Off-Road Vehicles  023-69 Operation of Off-Road Vehicles
Parking 4001 Parking on Private Property
Parks 80-128 Parks
Plastics 2022-143 Single-Use Plastics 
Procedure 2023-100 Procedure (Council)
Procurement 2021-197 Procurement Policies and Procedures
Property Standards 2012-9 Property Standards
2012-10 Yard Maintenance
2023-110 Vacant Building
Road Cuts 2020-70 Municipal Consent, Road Occupancy, Road Closure and Road Cuts
Sewer 2009-50 Sewer Use
see also: Schedules "A" to "E" Map
Shopping 3832 Shop Closing Hours
see also: Provincial Retail Business Holidays Act
2007-119 Boxing Day Closings
2021-146 Shopping Carts
Short Term Rentals 2022-178 Short Term Rentals
Signs 2017-35 Signs
Skateboards 94-106 Skateboards on Queen and Gore Streets
Smoking 2019-200 Smoking and consumption of tobacco, cannabis and electronic cigarettes
Snow Vehicles 69-6 Motorized Snow Vehicles on City Streets
93-3 (Amending 69-6)
Snowmobile Map
Streets 2008-131 Streets and Related Matters
Schedule A
Traffic 77-200 Traffic
See also:
Schedule AA - Disabled Persons Parking
Schedule A - Parking Prohibited
Schedule B - Parking Meter Zones, Times & Rates
Schedule BB - Pedestrian Crossovers
Schedule C - Bus Stops
Schedule D - Stopping Prohibited
Schedule E - Through Streets
Schedule F - Stop Signs & Intersections
Schedule G - Locations of Traffic Signals
Schedule H - Yield Signs & Intersections
Schedule I - Turns Prohibited
Schedule J - One-Way Streets
Schedule K - Increased Speed Limits
Schedule L - Zones of Quiet
Schedule M - Half Loading Exemptions
Schedule N -Traffic Regulations for Heavy Trucks
Schedule N 1 - Truck Route Map
Schedule O - Pedestrian Crossing Prohibited
Schedule P - Safety Zone - Vehicles Prohibited
Schedule Q - Angle Parking Permitted
Schedule R - Boulevard Angle Parking Permitted
Schedule S - Comm. Vehicle Parking Prohibited
Schedule T - Taxi Cab Stands
Schedule U - Commercial Loading Zones
Schedule V - Parking - Limited Period of Time
Schedule W - School Bus Loading Zones
Schedule X - Designated Turn Lanes
Schedule Y - Speed Limits in School Zones
Schedule Z - Decreased Speed Limits
Transit 2010-79 Transit Services
Waste 2022-24 Waste and Recycling
Zoning 2005-150 Zoning
(Use of land and the erection, use, height, and location of buildings)
2005-151 Special Exceptions to Zoning By-law
Official Plan Text
Official Plan Schedules

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