The Traffic Division accumulates and interprets traffic accident data and traffic counts to identify vehicular speed and traffic volumes for streets and intersections throughout the city.
This information is used to make recommendations that are based upon established provincial warrant standards for signals and signs. Staff also make recommendations to the Engineering and Planning Department on suggested widths and configuration of lanes for roadways proposed for reconstruction.
Studies carried out by the Traffic Division include:
  • Visibility requirements at intersections
  • Grade and degree of curvature (set out by the Geometric Design Manual of Canada)
  • Traffic signals
  • School guard locations
  • Stop signs and yield signs
  • Speed of curves
The above studies have specific warrant requirements as outlined in the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) and a warrant must be established prior to implementation.
Staff also meet with consultants and developers prior to the construction of a new development to make recommendations to ensure traffic movement through the development is efficient and safe.
Note: Intersection cameras are for signal activation only and do not record video.

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