Swimming Pool Regulations

By-Law 2014-12 (Swimming Pool Regulations) regulates the installation of private swimming pools. See attached pool regulations to assist in your pool design.


A building permit is required for the installation of a private swimming pool.
A private swimming pool is a privately owned outdoor pool of water contained in whole or in part by artificial means, other than a bathing beach, a natural bathing area, or any outdoor body of water contained in whole or in part by artificial means in which the depth of the water at its deepest point is no more than 0.61 meters.
The entire swimming pool area is required to be enclosed by a fence in compliance with By-Law 2014-12 and a permit must be obtained for the construction of the fence. Foliage or a vegetative barrier of any kind is not sufficient to meet the requirements of a fence.
A fence is not required where the outside walls of the pool are elevated at least 1.2 meters above grade and the exterior surface of the walls of the swimming pool are smooth and vertical. 

For more information, please see: Swimming Pool Guide

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