Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Committee is a committee of City Council that has been established to support collaboration and advance projects as they relate to the protection and enhancement of community environmental sustainability, specifically:
  1. Recommend project priorities and assist in the review and implementation of the community and corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plan, including reporting on progress annually;
  2. Report on the City’s progress regarding energy management, GHG emissions reduction and environmental initiatives within municipal operations;
  3. Assist in formulating and recommending environmental and sustainability policies, plans and practices, and making recommendations for continuous improvement;
  4. Review and recommend funding applications to the Community Development Fund for Environmental Sustainability projects;
  5. Support local initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and conservation of the local natural environment and ecosystems;
  6. Develop a list of priorities which support environmental sustainability for Council consideration as part of the annual budget cycle;
  7. Create and highlight opportunities for the general public to learn about and advocate for Climate Change mitigation in Sault Ste. Marie as well as encouraging activities and outreach in environmental matters, specifically educational programs.
The Environmental Sustainability Committee recommends funding under the Community Development Fund – Green Initiatives Program which supports initiatives that result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s), improve water quality/rehabilitation or increase energy efficiency. 





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