Smart card and mobile application technology are making your transit experience smoother, faster and more convenient! 
Sault Ste. Marie Transit will begin introducing the integration of smart card and mobile app technology to modernize the way passengers access and utilize transit services. The introduction of this system is designed to streamline travel, reduce wait times, and provide passengers with a modern, user-friendly experience.
One of the most anticipated features of the Umo system is the smart card bus pass including automatic digital transfers. Passengers will enjoy the convenience of purchasing and storing their bus passes digitally. These smart cards, coupled with an intuitive mobile app, will offer a simplified method for accessing transit services, allowing riders to swiftly board buses without the hassle of handling physical tickets.

Cubic Transportation System will deliver the Umo mobility platform, improving convenience and access to public transit by embracing contactless fare technology. The Umo mobility platform facilitates payments with smart cards and mobile devices, including multi-ride tickets and pass products that are securely validated using QR code technology.
For the convenience of current bus pass holders, existing passes will remain valid until their expiration dates. Upon expiry, passengers will be guided through the process of obtaining new passes compatible with the upgraded Umo system. 
Transitioning to Umo system is easy. Sault Ste. Marie Transit has established dedicated points of purchase, including the transit terminal and the transit office located at 111 Huron Street. Cash will remain an option.  Alternatively, passes can be purchased by downloading the Umo Mobility App from the App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone.
Sault Ste. Marie’s Umo Transit Fare Collection System project is being funded through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) with contributions from the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Information will be shared with the community as the project progresses. For more information contact Transit Services at 705-759-5438.
Umo App Guide
Umo App Guide (Accessible Version)
Umo Instructional Video

For access to the UMO Online Passenger Portal please click HERE

If you've already purchased your UMO card, you can reload it through the SSM Umo Passenger Portal at:
For Umo assistance, please visit the Umo Help Center at:


What is the Umo system?
Umo is a reloadable fare payment system that provides Sault Ste. Marie Transit riders an easy way to pay for their fare by tapping either a pre-loaded card or by holding their phone (mobile app) to an electronic reader as they board the bus.

How does Umo work?
Riders can pre-load fare in their Umo account (card or mobile app) through a website or the mobile app, or at Transit Office at 111 Huron Street and at Transit Terminal. This includes purchasing monthly passes, or adding cash value to be used at a later time. To pay fare when boarding, riders simply tap their card or hold their phone to the reader.

How does a rider use the Umo Mobilility App?
Riders can download the Umo Mobility app from their smartphone’s app store and select Sault Ste. Marie Transit as their transit provider. Once selected, the rider will move through the steps to set up an account and purchase a pass or add value to the account for future fare payments. When ready to ride the bus, simply open the Wallet in the app and display the QR code to the electronic reader when boarding. While watching the reader display, position the QR code completely within the white corner markers of the screen. Once the QR code has been accepted, a green light will indicate that fare has been paid. To pay fare on the bus, riders activate the app to display the QR code before boarding and should have it ready to be scanned if a fare inspector asks.

Where does a rider use the Umo card?
Umo readers have been installed next to the fare boxes on all City buses allowing riders to tap their card as they board. The card is held towards the bottom of the reader, within two inches. Once read, the display on the reader will change to show that fare has been paid. To pay fare on the buses, the rider should have the tap card or app ready to be scanned if a fare inspector asks.

How much does it cost to get a Umo card?
Initially the card is included in your fare purchase, replacement tap cards are $5/each and are available at the Transit Office, 111 Huron Street and the Transit Terminal, 160 Dennis Street.

How does a rider transfer to another route?
When a rider transfers to another route, they simply scan their unique QR code from the Umo Mobility app or use their tap card on the reader. The Umo system will automatically apply the transfer for the trip. If paying by cash, ask the driver for a transfer, scan it on the validator before having a seat.
Can fare be paid for more than one person with the same Umo card or app?
No. Each rider must have their own card or mobile device with their own pass or stored value.

Does the Umo card have to be registered?
Registration is not required but is recommended. Registering allows a rider to purchase fares online and recover fare that is in their account if the card or mobile device is lost or stolen. Rider’s personal information is private and is only used for account purposes. Registering an Umo card can be done by visiting and selecting I want to use a Card option then adding the Umo tap card number, a username and a password. Additionally, the rider can contact the Transit office at 705-759-5438 or visit the Transit Office at 111 Huron Street.

What if a rider loses their card?
If a rider loses a registered Umo tap card, they can visit the Transit Office to purchase a replacement tap card ($5). Existing passes, Umo Cash, and account information will transfer to the replacement card once the new tap card is registered.

Where can a rider reload funds on their Umo tap card?
A rider can add funds to their account online at, by visiting the Transit Office at 111 Huron Street or the Transit Terminal, 160 Dennis Street.

What if a rider is declined at the reader?
If the mobile app or tap card is declined at the reader, an explanation for the declined fare payment is displayed on the reader screen. The rider can also get information about their Umo account on the Umo website, the mobile app, or by contacting the Transit Office at 111 Huron Street.

What are alerts?
Alerts are automated messages that are sent by the Umo system. A rider can customize the types of alerts that are sent to them. If they are using a tap card, alerts will be sent to their email address. If they are using the mobile app, they can choose to receive the alerts as a push notifications to their mobile device or as an email.

Where does a rider get more information?
Visit: or calling Transit Office at 705-759-5438.

Will cash still be accepted?
Cash will be continue to be accepted for those riders who prefer to use it, but it is expected that most riders will find one of the new payment methods a more convenient option.

Is my current pass still available valid?
All current bus pass types will be accepted until expired date on the pass. Upon purchase of new pass a smart card will be issued or passengers can load the UMO app and purchase through their mobile device.

How do I load the app?
1. Open the App Store® or Google Play on your mobile phone.
2. Search for “Umo Mobility”
3. Click the Get button to download the app
4. Once the download is complete, select the Open button

Set up the Umo App
5. Select the Get started button
6. To assist you with transit options in your area, choose “Allow While Using the App,”then select the Continue button
7. Confirm your selection

Register Your Account
11. Click Set up now to create your account, buy your fare, and get moving
12. Enter your mobile number or use your email address to register
13. Follow the on-screen directions
14. If you entered your mobile number, a 4-digit code will be texted to you. Click Verify and Create Account button to continue
Success! Your Umo account has been created. You are ready to Explore, Buy & Go!

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