Bus Features

Regular Transit Bus Features

  • Low Floor - All Orion and Nova buses are low floor design (1 step on, 1 step off) at the front and rear door areas, for persons with walkers and canes, or who are able to walk unassisted but have difficulty using stairs.
  • Ramp - All Low Floor buses are equipped with a folding ramp for easy boarding, with slip-resistant and raised edges to prevent your assistive device (wheelchair, walker, cane, and strollers) from slipping off. Upon request, the transit operator will lower these ramps at the front door area in order to assist people with disabilities board and get off the bus more easily with their assistive devices i.e., wheelchair, walker, cane.
  • Kneeling Feature - Low Floor buses are equipped with a kneeling feature that allows the front right hand corner of the bus to lower to the curb so the first step is easier. Bus operators will kneel their bus at the request of a member of the public. Where an individual is having difficulty stepping into the bus, the operator should explain that the bus can be lowered and assist the passenger by lowering the bus. A visual warning light and an audible alarm on the outside of the bus indicate the bus is kneeling.
  • Next Stop Announcement System - Automatic announcement of the next bus stop are audibly announced and visually displayed within the bus.
  • Slip resistant, low-glare floors.
  • Lights at the doorways to light up passage areas inside and outside the bus while passengers are boarding and exiting the bus.
  • Colour-contrasted handholds, grab rails and seat back handles.
  • Colour-contrasted LED destination signs on the front and curb side of the Low Floor buses.

Parabus Features

  • Ambulatory entrance door on the right side of the vehicle, with steps fitted with a colour-contrasted front edge.
  • Mobility aid entrance or ramp is a lift devise with handrails and guards on each side of the lift platform, and a restraining belt to prevent your assistive device from rolling off the platform.
  • Lights at the lift door and passenger access door to automatically light up the area when the doors are open.
  • Colour-contrasted grab bars at the inside entrance area. Five spaces for persons with assistive devices. Each of these spaces is equipped with Q-Straints so the transit operator can secure your device.
  • Ambulatory seating for 5 or 6 passengers.

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