General Information

General Tips

  • Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early and have your fare ready.
  • Leave the front priority seating for passengers unable to stand in a moving bus.
  • Move to the rear of the bus and keep the front aisle clear.
  • Exit using the rear doors.


Unless you have a monthly bus pass, you will need to ask for a transfer if where you want to go requires more than one bus. Transfers are free once fare is paid on the first bus.

Conditions for Transfers

  • Transfers will only be issued, upon request, at the time fares are paid.
  • Transfers will not be issued at the terminal.
  • Transfers are to be used only for one trip from origin to destination within the 60 minute time limit.
  • Once a transfer is used a new one will not be issued. A cash fare will be required.
  • Transfers are to be used only by the passenger to whom they have been issued.
  • In case of dispute, passengers are requested to pay the fare and contact the Transit Office.

Evening Preferred Stop Program

This is a customer service available to passengers who use the bus after dark.

For added passenger safety, if you wish to be dropped off at a location other than a regular bus stop after the street lights go on or after 9:00 pm whichever is earlier, simply speak to the operator a block or two before you wish to get off and we'll let you off as close as possible to your request.

To meet your request the operator must be able to stop safely. For additional safety and security preferred stop users are requested to exit via the front door.

Bus Announcement System

The bus announcement system is now fully automated. An automated computer announces individual stops and transfer points along the route.

Easier Access

All buses are equipped with features that make them easier to use such as:

  • Buses that lower to the curb so boarding is easier.
  • Easy-to-reach stop request buttons and yellow pull cords.
  • Additional lighting inside and out.

Lost and Found

For any articles left on the buses, call our Customer Service desk at 705-759-5438 during office hours. Items can be claimed at the main office. Anything not claimed after 30 days will be disposed of. Valuables are held for 90 days.

Bicycles on Buses

Bicycles can be brought onto buses as long as there is room. Sometimes during peak times of the day there are many riders on the bus (early morning as well as mid-afternoon to early evening) creating a lack of space for a bicycle. When bringing a bicycle on the bus, it must be brought to the back out of the way of other passengers.

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