Financial Support

A grant of assistance for any one year is not to be regarded as an ongoing financial commitment.

Financial Assistance for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities is available for eligible for low-income applicants.

Please review the Financial Assistance Policy for Sustaining and Other Grants to determine eligibility prior to submitting an application.

Community Development Fund

The City's new Community Development Fund enhances the existing funding programs by:
  • Clarifying administration and accountabilities for the funding programs;
  • Providing consistent funding application processes and timing;
  • Utilizing new criteria that better reflects the Corporate Strategic Plan, FutureSSM Community Development plan and economic & tourism development strategies; and
  • Consolidating certain programs with a goal of greater community impact.
Community Development Fund - Overview

The focus and criteria of the Community Development Fund supports the four pillars of the FutureSSM community development plan:
  1. Economic Growth and Diversity
  2. Cultural Vitality
  3. Social Equity
  4. Environmental Sustainability
Funding opportunities are as follows:

Tourism Development Fund

Sault Ste. Marie is about building a place where people want to visit, live and do business. Tourism is one of the most valuable tools to build the community we want.

Tourism Sault Ste. Marie has positioned Festivals and Events as primary destination drivers and is focused on opportunities to enhance the visitor experience and community pride. The Tourism Development Fund supports new and existing events with the effort to attract new visitors and inspire our current visitors to stay longer in our community.

This fund has two components: Attractions and Product Development and Festivals and Special Events.

To apply for either stream, please visit:

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