Real time passenger site allows users to track City buses

Monday, March 7, 2022

Want to find out in real time how long it will take your bus to get to your stop? Sault Transit is pleased to announce the launch of its real time passenger tracking system. The tracking tool uses GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of buses and when they will arrive at each stop. Real time bus tracking is a feature of the City’s Intelligent Transportation System designed to make riding the bus easier and more accessible for everyone. 
“We continue to research and explore ways to ensure the most appropriate and timely service is being delivered to our customers,” said Brent Lamming, Director of Community Services. “The addition of the real time tracking tool presents an opportunity to improve service delivery help our customers manage their time more efficiently and avoid waiting for their bus longer than they need to.” 
Customers can visit to track their bus or add this link to the home page of their mobile device. Passengers should still arrive to their stop a few minutes before the predicted or scheduled departure time. The closer the bus is to a stop, the more accurate the prediction is likely to be. Departure times can change due to factors such as traffic delays or the travel speed of the bus. If customers have made an early inquiry, it is important to recheck closer to the actual time to verify the bus departure time. 
“We are very pleased to be working with Sault Ste. Marie Transit on this project. Sault Ste. Marie becomes our 18th partner in Ontario and joins all other major centers in Northern Ontario providing the Consat solution. Sault Ste. Marie will be receiving significant performance data invaluable for planning and route reviews, resulting in more accurate schedules.  More importantly, the Sault’s transit riders will be receiving real time information improving their experience riding on the transit system.  Not only will they know exactly where their bus is at any given time, but they can also receive service disruption information, detour notices, system alerts and much more,” said Roger Sauve, CAO of Consat Canada.  
Real time passenger technology is a critical piece in improving the Transit user experience. In recent years, Sault Transit has implemented several initiatives including on-demand, Northern Transfer point and purchasing over a dozen new buses.  For more information, visit
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