Open-Air Burning

Planning a small fire? The Ontario Fire Code requires that all open-air burning must be approved by Fire Services.

A Fire Prevention Officer will perform a site inspection (a non-refundable inspection fee applies), at which time conditions for approval, including clearances, will be reviewed. Please be advised, site inspections take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Burning is not permitted until the site inspection is approved by the Fire Prevention Officer. Once the permit is issued it is NOT transferable.

As every property is unique and differs in comparison, there are no set distances from sheds, fences, trees, buildings, etc. Therefore, the Fire Prevention Officer will determine all distances and measurements at the time of inspection.
Please ensure all dogs are inside or tethered outside when the Fire Prevention Officer arrives for the inspection.

Certified propane and natural gas fire pits, fireplaces, and/or fire tables do not require an open-air burning permit.

A permit will not be issued unless the homeowner agrees to allow the Fire Prevention Officer to check the home's smoke alarms.

Upon approval, an open-air burning permit is issued. Once the permit expires, it is the owner's responsibility to renew the permit.

To renew or arrange for a new fire permit online, visit the City's online permit purchase system. Otherwise, contact Fire Services at 705-949-3333 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) 


$79 - New burning permit (Includes: initial inspection - $48 non-refundable fee, 1st year permit, and 2 year renewal. If inspection is not approved, $31 will be refunded.)

$63 - Renewal (4 year)

$31 - Renewal (1 year)

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