Interment Options

Interment (burial) options include the following:

Ground Burial for Caskets

This type of burial is available for caskets (with or without a concrete vault). Casket burial may be in a single, side-by-side, or double depth (one casket buried deeper, to allow another burial on top) orientation. Monument selection, engraving, and care are entrusted to the City approved monument dealers.

Interment Options - Ground Burial

Cremation Burial

Cremation burials may occur in an Urn Garden (cremations only), in a traditional casket grave (up to 6 cremations are permitted), in the Niche Wall (bronze/stone structure), or in a columbarium (above ground granite structure). The columbarium may be purchased as a single, or companion plot. Urn garden monuments and columbarium engraving are entrusted to the City approved monument dealers. Niche Wall engraving is handled by the Cemetery Office. The City Cemeteries are not permitted to allow cremation scattering.

Cremation Burial

Mausoleum Interment

The mausoleums are large granite and concrete structures, intended for full body, casket interment. They may be selected as single or companion crypts, with the companion being either double depth (one casket in front of the other), or tandem (caskets are beside one another). Family units are also available, in a group of six or eight crypts. Engraving of the mausoleum crypt plates are entrusted to the City approved monument dealers.


With the selection of any of the above options, interment rights are purchased, rather than ownership of the land or above ground structure itself. The City of Sault Ste. Marie remains the owner of the cemeteries, and will continue to manage and uphold the dignity of these very special grounds, in keeping with the Municipal By-law 2012-129, and the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act, 2002.

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