Blue Box Transition

The City of Sault Ste. Marie's recycling program is now managed by Circular Materials

This transition will result in no change to the materials you can recycle or your collection day. 
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Circular Materials
Why is my recycling program transitioning to Circular Materials?
In 2021, Ontario passed a new regulation that shifts the financial and operational responsibility of blue box recycling programs to producers – i.e. those that produce and supply blue box materials to residents. In this new framework, producers will become fully responsible for collecting and recycling their materials when residents discard them. Transition to this new framework will take place between 2023 – 2025, with the new framework fully in place by January 1, 2026. As a result, Circular Materials will be managing municipal recycling programs on behalf of producers to support them in meeting their regulatory obligations.

Who is Circular Materials?
Circular Materials is a national not-for-profit organization that is committed to building efficient and effective recycling systems to minimize waste, and ensure materials are reused again and again. Circular Materials focuses on improving recycling rates to meet the needs and expectations of residents and to protect our natural environment.

What can I expect when Circular Materials manages my recycling program?
There will be no change to how you currently recycle your materials or to your recycling collection schedule.

Who can I contact for recycling questions and inquiries?
Residents may contact GFL at 705-945-7554.

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