Site Plan Control

Site plan control is a form of development control provided to municipalities by Ontario's Planning Act. No one can undertake any development which is subject to site plan control unless the City has reviewed and approved certain plans. Generally, site plan control focuses upon exterior details of a particular development, with special regard for parking, landscaping, access, drainage, building placement and fa├žade treatments, among other things.

The City's Site Plan Design Guideline shall be utilized for commercial and institutional developments.

Once the plans are approved, a site plan agreement is executed. This agreement contractually binds the owner to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved plans and the terms of the agreement. A letter of credit, to a maximum of $25,000 is also required to finalize the site plan agreement.

Building permits are not generally issued until site plan control requirements are addressed.

Site Plan Control Application Form

Site Plan Control Amendment Form

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