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Open-Air Burning

Planning a small fire? The Ontario Fire Code requires that all open-air burning must be approved by Fire Services.

A Fire Prevention Officer will perform a site inspection (a non-refundable inspection fee applies), at which time conditions for approval, including clearances, will be reviewed. Please be advised, it may take several days before a site inspection takes place. Burning is not permitted until the site is approved by the Fire Prevention Officer.

Certified propane and natural gas fire pits, fireplaces, and/or fire tables do not require an open-air burning permit.

A permit will not be issued unless the homeowner agrees to allow the Fire Prevention Officer to check the home's smoke alarms.

Upon approval, an open-air burning permit is issued. Once the permit expires, it is the owner's responsibility to renew the permit.

To renew or arrange for a new fire permit online, click here. Otherwise, contact Fire Services at 705-949-3333 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) 


$75 - New burning permit (Includes: initial inspection - $45 non-refundable fee, 1st year permit, and 2 year renewal. If inspection is not approved, $30 will be refunded.)

$60 - Renewal (4 year)

$30 - Renewal (1 year)
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