Notice of application and public meeting - Regulatory Flexibility for Residential Development

Monday, February 26, 2024

Regulatory Flexibility for Residential Development/Gentle Density

The applicant, the City of Sault Ste. Marie (c/o Planning Division) is proposing a series of amendments to the Zoning By-law and Official Plan aimed towards increasing housing supply by integrating small-scale residential intensification within existing neighbourhoods as a matter-of-right without the need for a rezoning. This includes permitting a broader spectrum of residential uses across various residential, commercial and institutional zones throughout the urban area of the city, alongside revising development standards to promote flexibility and higher residential densities.

Proposed Change
Click here for a complete list of proposed changes.
In summary, the proposed Official Plan amendments include the following:
Amending the Institutional land use policies to include residential uses as a permitted use on lots that are designated Institutional on Land Use Schedule C of the Official Plan.
Establishing a design framework for ground floor residential uses that are proposed to be located on lots that are designated Commercial on Land Use Schedule C of the Official Plan to ensure land use compatibility between sensitive uses and the surrounding environment.
The proposed zoning amendments include the following:
Permitting residential buildings of any type (i.e. single-detached, semi-detached, townhouse, apartment) on all urban residential lots conditional upon conforming to the prescribed set of performance standards and the development envelope. This includes conforming to setbacks, lot coverage, building height, landscaping, and parking provisions.
Permitting additional types of residential uses to be located within Commercial zones, including them to be located on the ground floor when design objectives to ensure occupant privacy are satisfied. 
Permitting a variety of dwelling units within the Institutional Zone (I).
Reducing parking requirements from 1.25 spaces to 1 space per dwelling.
Renaming the Single-Detached Residential Zone (R2) to Gentle Density Residential Zone (R2) to accurately describe the function of the zone.
Application has been deferred to the March 18, 2024 Council hearing. For more information contact Salvatore Marchese, Planner at 705-759-5445 or email
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