Tips to prevent flooding

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

As weather patterns begin to change, the City of Sault Ste. Marie reminds residents to be prepared for potential rain and snow events. 
“During significant weather events, parts of the City’s storm and sanitary sewers experience higher than normal flows. When this happens, the capacity in the system may be exceeded, which could cause the system to surcharge or back up into the laterals or pipes servicing private properties,” says Dan Perri, Area Coordinator Wastewater. “The City’s storm and sanitary system is designed to standards adopted across Ontario”.
City staff ensure the main system is functioning properly and takes as many precautions as possible to prevent damage to private property, however, is it important that individual property owners protect their property as well.
For example, the most common method used to prevent basement flooding is to install and properly maintain a back check valve. A back check valve stops water from entering into basements from a surcharging storm or sanitary sewer.
“It is critical to understand that when the back check valve is engaged, water will not be able to drain from upstream of the valve (i.e.: toilets, sinks, laundry machines, etc.). Weeping tile water will also need a way to outlet, so installing a sump pump discharging outside of the basement wall as a backup is also recommended,” adds Perri.
As staff clean basins and storm drains in preparation for the flow of water during the winter months, residents are reminded to not rake leaves onto roadways or into ditches as they can cause drains to plug resulting in flooding.
The City of Sault Ste. Marie thanks residents for their assistance in helping to prevent flooding. For further information and tips to prevent flooding, visit the City’s website at or contact Public Works and Engineering Services at 705.759.5201 or email

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