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Fire Services: Ice Conditions

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

As spring and the warmer weather arrive, Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services (SSMFS) would like to remind citizens that ice conditions will not remain stable for long.

Area residents should make every effort to stay off 'frozen' waterways within the district. When walking your pets keep them leashed and never let them run loose on frozen shorelines. Children should be warned not to play on or near streams, ponds or any waterway.

During the upcoming weeks SSMFS will be conducting 'Ice Water Rescue' training exercises on the St. Mary's River. “Fire Service's personnel train on the waterways to prepare for rescue situations but unfortunately humans don't last very long when they are exposed to the cold water temperatures and a rescue can quickly become a body recovery" stated Platoon Chief Terry Dubois.

Regrettably due to hypothermia, humans falling through ice have ONE minute to catch their breath, and ten minutes to maintain muscle motor skills. Time is critical…..Don't be a statistic!

Remember no ice is safe ice!
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