Accessible Navigation and Wayfinding now available through Sault Transit

Monday, February 28, 2022

Sault Transit, in collaboration with CNIB Frontier Accessibility, is pleased to announce the launch of BlindSquare, an accessible navigation and wayfinding system. The software uses GPS technology to estimate the proximity of bus stops, when passengers will arrive at each stop, and can audibly identify bus stops. Bus tracking is a feature of the City’s Intelligent Transportation System designed to make riding the bus easier and more accessible for everyone. 
“We continue to explore ways to ensure the most appropriate and timely service is being delivered to our customers,” said Brent Lamming, Director of Community Services. “The addition of the accessible navigation and wayfinding system presents an opportunity to improve service delivery, help our customers more easily navigate the transit system and makes it more accessible to all citizens.” 
Accessible navigation is a critical piece to improving the transit user experience. In recent years, Sault Transit has implemented a number of initiatives including on-demand, the Northern Transfer point and purchasing over a dozen new accessible buses.  
The customized integration by CNIB Frontier Accessibility for Sault Transit users allows a new level of access. The technology not only transforms travel for riders that identify with having a disability, but also responds to other conditions affecting pedestrian movement, such as planned interruptions to service and bus stop relocations. All users of transit can benefit from improved service delivery. 
The BlindSquare Event app combines the latest technology to help people with sight loss travel on the City’s bus routes. The BlindSquare Event app is free to download, and users have unexpired access anywhere in Canada. The app also supports additional accessories to enhance the user experience. 
About CNIB Frontier Accessibility: 
CNIB Frontier Accessibility is a CNIB social enterprise, supporting businesses and organizations to ensure all Canadians with disabilities can benefit from barrier-free communities and workplaces. CNIB Frontier Accessibility is a national organization that specializes in a variety of cutting-edge accessibility solutions for organizations in a breadth of sectors. CNIB Frontier Accessibility’s approach to providing customized solutions ensures that all organizations will have the tools to champion a culture of inclusion. To learn more about CNIB Frontier Accessibility’s solutions, visit: 
About BlindSquare: 
BlindSquare is the world’s most widely used accessible GPS-app developed for individuals who are deafblind, blind and partially sighted. Paired with third-party navigation apps, BlindSquare’s self-voicing app delivers detailed points of interest and intersections for safe, reliable travel both outside and inside.  

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