City urges responsible use of accessible parking spaces

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The City of Sault Ste. Marie reminds the community to respect accessible parking spaces, and access aisles. Accessible parking spots are reserved solely for individuals who have a Ministry of Transportation issued Accessible Parking Permit. Unauthorized parking in these spaces is illegal and creates significant safety issues for persons who require the spots.  
“Despite the critical need, instances of misuse and unauthorized parking in designated accessible spaces persist, says Diane Morrell, Accessibility Coordinator. “Parking without proper authorization is disrespectful and prevents individuals from accessing facilities, services, and amenities. Their strategic positioning near building entrances and enhanced spacing features are essential for people with mobility needs especially those using wheelchairs and walking aids.”
Accessible parking spots and access aisles are not to be used as drop on or drop off locations for people, goods, or used as a waiting zone. Accessible parking spaces are mandated by provincial accessibility regulations, and unauthorized users of these spaces are subject to fines.
The City will be increasing enforcement of accessible parking at its facilities over the next several months. Those found in violation will be issued tickets accordingly. Visitors are encouraged to report unauthorized parking in accessible spaces to municipal staff. For more information, contact the City’s Accessibility office at 705-541-7310 or email  
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