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Automated collection is a system where a specially designed truck with an articulating arm picks up roll-out carts, empties them and then returns them to its original position. The carts are used for residential solid waste only. The recycling roll-out cart remains unchanged.


  • Easier to move garbage curbside.
  • Roll-out carts provide better protection against animals, birds and windblown garbage.
  • Automated collection helps protect workers from and potentially handling dangerous materials.
  • Automated collection is more efficient helping to create a cleaner community.


Small (Standard) Residential Cart

Capacity: 65 Gallons (246 litres)
Dimensions Depth - 28.1 in (71.4 cm), Width - 26.7 in (67.8 cm), Height - 40.5 in (102.8 cm)
Maximum weight: Approximately 200 lbs (103 kg) - including cart and contents

Large Multi-Unit Cart

Capacity: 95 Gallons (360 litres)
Dimensions: Depth - 33.3 in (84.5 cm), Width - 29.2 in (74.1 cm), Height - 43.5 in (110.4 cm)
Maximum weight: Approximately 330 lbs (150 kg) - including cart and contents


  • Set your roll-out cart on a flat surface near the edge of the curb or at the end of your driveway.
  • Your roll-out cart must be kept a minimum distance of 3 feet (1 metre) or approximately an arm's length apart from any obstruction.
  • Set your roll-out cart so that the wheels are away from the curb (towards your home).
  • Do not set your roll-out cart on a snowbank.
  • Do not put garbage on top of the lid of the roll-out cart.
  • All garbage must be contained in the roll-out cart with the lid closed.
Please note: If the guidelines are not followed, you will receive a Waste Refusal Notice on the roll-out cart.


Do I need to buy the roll-out cart?

Every resident will be provided with a roll-out cart. The cost of the roll-out cart is included with collection services. The roll-out cart is the property of the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

Can I use my existing garbage bin or can?

The automated garbage collection system requires a special garbage roll-out cart that is compatible with the articulating arm of the garbage collection truck. Your new roll-out cart will be delivered by July 2, 2019. Continue to use your current containers until the new program officially begins on July 2, 2019.

What do I do with my old garbage bin?

Since all garbage bins are made of different materials, it becomes difficult to recycle them in today's industry. We recommend that the containers be re-purposed (i.e. rain barrels or sand storage, etc.). If repurposing is not possible, old garbage bins can be disposed of at the landfill.

Who is responsible for the roll-out cart?

Residents are responsible for keeping their roll-out cart clean and secure. If the roll-out cart has a damaged lid or wheel it will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the resident. Please call 705-759-5201 to report your concern.

What happens to the roll-out cart when I move?

Roll-out carts are assigned a specific code associated to the residential address to which it was delivered. If you move, the roll-out cart should be emptied, cleaned and left at the original residence. There will be a location for the address to be written on each roll-out cart.

Can we put more bags out next to our roll-out carts?

Yes, but you must purchase a city issued bag tag for each additional bag. Tags can be purchased at various locations throughout the city. Visit for more information. Please note: a resident’s full green roll-out cart must be placed curbside in addition to the tagged bags. Furthermore, tagged bags must be placed visibly curbside and not in a refuse container or on the roll-out cart. Tagged bags will only be picked up if the resident’s green roll-out cart is placed curbside and the tagged bags are not placed in a refuse container.

Can I put garbage and extra bags on top of the roll-out cart?

The roll-out cart must not have anything on the lid of the cart in order for it to be dumped properly.

Can I put as much garbage as I can inside the roll-out cart?

The lid of the can must be closed with all garbage inside in order for it to be collected. The maximum weight of the roll-out cart must be maintained (see above Features).

Can a resident purchase an extra cart?

No. Residents are encouraged to recycle, reuse and reduce all waste to help the environment.

Can a residential home choose the larger 95 gallon roll-out cart?

The larger residential cart is reserved for multi-family complexes at the discretion of Public Works. This decision is made considering the needs of the dwelling, available space and recycling program participation.

Security Measures 

It is important to note that all of the roll-out carts include a serial number that is linked to a specific municipal address and may be tracked should there be reports of misuse or theft. As a further precautionary measure, it is recommended that residents list their address in the space provided on the cart.

Can the roll-out cart roll through snow?

The cart is very durable but like anything there are limitations. You may have to clear a path to the curb on collection day.

Where do I place my cart if there is a snow bank?

If the roll-out cart will not fit in the driveway opening, you will have to shovel an opening where the cart can be placed. Carts cannot be placed on top of a snowbank.

What time do I need to have my roll-out cart out by on my collection day?

Roll-out carts must be out by 7 a.m. the day of collection. During the winter months, residents are asked to place carts curbside by 7 a.m., but not before 5 a.m. to assist with snow plow operations 

What time do I need to have my emptied roll-out cart remove from the curb after collection?

Roll-out carts should be brought back to your storage area by 7:00 p.m. the day of the collection.

Where do I store my roll-out cart before my collection day?

When not set out for collection, roll-out carts can be stored in your garage, backyard, outdoor storage unit, covered porch, balcony, side of the residence or front yard until the designated collection day arrives.

Will my collection day remain the same as it is now?

Visit the Collection Calendar webpage to view your current collection day, and your leaf and yard waste calendar.

Can I put leaves, grass and yard waste in my roll-out cart?

As always, leaf and yard waste must be put in designated biodegradable bags.

Can I use my new roll-out cart to dispose of paints, aerosols, motor oil, electronics, batteries, light bulbs ets.?

No. Household hazardous waste must be disposed of properly to protect the environment. Consult the Waste Management Guide for Hazardous Waste and Household Hazardous Waste Depot location and hours of operation. 

What do I do if my roll-out cart is damaged?

Sometimes carts may get damaged, its important when this happens to contact Public Works at 705-759-5201. Repairs such as damaged lid or broken wheels will be repaired for free. Any damage that occurs due to abuse will be charged to the owner.

My cart is dirty. What do I do?

Roll-out carts can be washed or pressure washed with a disinfectant cleaner. Bagging of your refuse is recommended to prevent appearance issues.

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