John Rowswell Hub Trail

John Rowswell Hub Trail

The John Rowswell Hub Trail is a 25 km multi-use non-motorized trail system that connects many significant points of interest including the waterfront walkway, Bellevue Park, Algoma University, Sault College, the new hospital and Fort Creek Conservation Area.

This trail system provides access to all areas of the City and links together key cultural, historical, and natural areas of the community. In addition, community residents can use the trail as an alternative, environmentally friendly mode of transportation, decreasing auto-dependency within the City.

The Trail provides increased recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to Sault Ste. Marie and attract many trail-using tourists to the City. As well, the trail serves to promote local, provincial and national cross-country running and cycling trials and competitions.

Cyclist on the Hub Trail

One the main goals of the John Rowswell Hub Trail is to improve recreational and health opportunities in the community. Walking and cycling provide enjoyable, convenient and affordable means of exercise and recreation. The most effective fitness routines are moderate in intensity, individualized and are incorporated into our daily activities. Walking and cycling can accomplish this and at the same time provide mobility.

The development of the John Rowswell Hub Trail also promotes environmental benefits as walking and cycling are energy-efficient, non-polluting modes of travel. Short distance, motor vehicle trips are the least fuel-efficient and generate the most pollution per kilometre. These trips have the greatest potential of being replaced by cycling and walking trips. Shifting to these modes can mitigate exhaust, ground-level air pollution, smog, acid rain, water, land and noise pollution.

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John Rowswell Hub Trail Route Map

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