Public Works crew patching the road.

Operations is responsible for maintaining paved roadways, surface-treated roadways, ditches, entrance culverts, curbs and gutters, and sidewalks.

Storm and sanitary sewer systems are also maintained year-round by Public Works crews. In-ground storm and sanitary sewer systems provide for the City's drainage and sanitation needs.

Operations change seasonally. Each season brings different responsibilities to the Division:

  • Spring is the season for cleaning the last vestiges of winter. Winter sanding operations deposit an estimated 25,000 tonnes of sand. This material is removed through sweeping and flushing operations.
  • Summer is the time when construction activities require repairs to roadways, sidewalks, curbs, sewers and ditches. Work includes lawn restoration, pavement patching, permanent repairs, and culvert replacement. In addition, preventative maintenance through catch basin cleaning, sewer flushing and ditching is implemented to prevent long-term problems. Problems with streets and sidewalks adjacent to your property or in your neighbourhood are dealt with within these programs.
  • Fall construction work involves outstanding summer projects, concrete work, and less weather critical tasks. Stockpiling of sand and salt used by the Division takes place in the fall over a six-week period.
  • Winter brings around-the-clock operations in road and sidewalk snow plowing, snow removal, sanding and salting. Pothole patching is ongoing during the winter season. See Winter Operations for more information.

Monty Pinder
Superintendent, Public Works

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