Property Standards and Clean Yards

By-law 2012-9 (Property Standards) is a standard of maintenance by-law respecting residential and non-residential properties in the City of Sault Ste. Marie. This by-law provides for a minimum level of standards, which the City expects property owners to maintain. It is designed to protect the health and safety of the occupants and to a lesser degree the general appearance of the property.

By-law 2012-10 (Yard Maintenance) regulates the filling up, draining, cleaning and clearing of grounds, yards and vacant lots and debris on private property.


  • Grass and weeds cannot exceed 20 centimetres in length.
  • Properties are to be kept clear of refuse and debris, including inoperative vehicles, automotive parts, mechanical parts, appliances, furnaces, heater and fuel tanks, disused furniture, paper, cartons, cans, garden refuse, earth or rock fill, old or decayed lumber, material from construction or demolition projects, etc. yards are to be kept free of dilapidated or collapsed structure.
  • Roofs, eaves troughs, gutters, downspouts, chimneys, stacks and vents are to be maintained in a state of good repair; downspouts are to be directed away from neighbours property.
  • All walls, beams, stairways, porches and railings are to be kept in a state of good repair and free of any unsafe conditions.
  • Foundations are to be kept in good repair and free from conditions that will cause detrimental settlement and the entrance of moisture, insects or rodents.
  • Doors and windows, including frames are to be kept in good condition.
  • All houses are to be equipped with adequate and properly functioning heating systems, plumbing systems, ventilation systems and electrical systems.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are to be kept in a functional condition, with all necessary fixtures working properly.

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