Building Products from USA

All building materials purchased in the U.S. must meet Canadian standards.

Products such as: wood framing members, pre-fabricated trusses, roof and wall sheathings must be endorsed with approval stamps.

Other supplies such as: plumbing fixtures, insulation and windows should display a sticker either on the item or on its packaging.

Look for these approval symbols, which indicate that a product is certified for both U.S. and Canadian markets:

ASTM International Canadian General Standards Board CSA Group - Certification Marks and Labels CSA Group - Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
If the Canadian standard is not indicated, the product(s) should not be used in an Ontario construction project, as building officials will be unable to issue approvals.

Building products approved for use in Ontario have been tested and certified to standards designed specifically for Canadian conditions. American standards have been designed for issues specific to the U.S.A. Endorsement of an American standard does not guarantee that a product meets the Canadian standard.

If you are unsure if a building product is acceptable for use in Ontario, check with the supplier. If the supplier is unable to demonstrate that the product meets the required standard, it should not be imported for use in Canada.

Recent changes to the Ontario Building Code have made building suppliers in the province more accountable for the end-use of a product. Building supply retailers in Ontario should be able to tell you what products can be used in what circumstances. This is a very important link in the construction process. Assisting the consumer in selecting the correct product will result not only in timely municipal approvals but also quality-built projects.

Building Code Regulation 332/12 details specific standards for various building supplies or contact the Building Division at 705-759-5398 for more information.

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