Pet and Service Animal Kit

Prepare an emergency kit for pets as well as service animals. This kit should be portable and stored with your own grab-and-go kit.

Emergency kits vary for different kinds of animals. Below is a general list for cats and dogs, but you may contact your veterinarian or visit Ontario Spca if you have a different kind of animal.

  • Food, water, bowls, manual can opener and spoon
  • Up-to-date ID tag
  • Current photo of you and your pet
  • Emergency contact list of pet friendly hotels/motels outside your immediate area, friends, relatives and your veterinarian
  • Copies of medical records/ vaccinations
  • Medications and first aid kit
  • Familiar bedding, small toy and brush
  • Leash, collar or harness and muzzle
  • Litter/pan and scooper or bags
  • Carrier large enough to transport and house your pet

Make Plans for Livestock

Have a plan for taking care of your livestock during an emergency. Prepare for the possibility you may have to evacuate and relocate your animals. Research and make contingency plans for either sheltering you animals in place or evacuating them to another location.

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