1. Know the Risks

Below is a list of hazards that could occur in the Sault Ste. Marie area. Find out what to do to protect you and your family if faced with any of these situations.

Human Health

Influenza A viruses periodically cause worldwide epidemics, or pandemics with high rates of illness and death. A pandemic can occur at any time with the potential to cause serious illness, death and extensive social and economic disruption throughout the world.
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Power Outage

Most power outages will be over almost as soon as they begin, but some can last much longer up to days or even weeks.
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Floods can occur at any time of the year and are most often caused by heavy rainfall, rapid melting of a thick snow pack, ice jams, or more rarely, the failure of a natural or man-made dam.
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Forest Fire

Wildfires often begin unnoticed. These fires are usually triggered by lightning or accidents. They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees, and homes.
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Hazardous Material Spill

Hazardous chemicals are sometimes accidentally released into the environment during manufacturing, storage, transportation, handling, or use.
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Extreme Winter Weather

Severe winter storms can cause widespread damage and disruption. Heavy snow can result in transportation delays and traffic accidents, ice storms can down power lines and poles. Winter storms may also cause power outages leaving you without heating, lighting, water, or phone services.
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Extreme Heat

During a heat wave, everyone is at risk. Extreme heat can lead to adverse health effects such as heat stroke.
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Tornadoes typically occur between the months of May and September. On average, Ontario experiences twelve (12) tornadoes every year.
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