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Vacancy Rebate Review

In 2017, the Province of Ontario allowed municipalities to amend the vacant unit program to best respond to local needs and priorities. The commercial and industrial vacancy rebate program was initiated by the Province of Ontario in 2001 requiring municipalities to provide tax relief to property owners with vacancies in commercial and industrial buildings.
At the June 12, 2017 Council meeting, Council approved amendments to the existing vacancy rebate program. The changes came into effect July 1, 2017 and are reflected in the Eligibility requirements noted below.

Eligibility Requirements - New

Vacancy Criteria: Qualifying commercial units only. The vacant area identified must be unused for a period of at least ninety consecutive days.* All assessment values identifying the vacant area(s) will be recommended by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) as the basis for ascertaining the recommended tax rebate.

Eligible commercial units must be:

  • unused; and
  • clearly delineated or physically separated from the used portions of the building; and
  • either: capable of being leased for immediate occupation, or not capable of being leased for immediate occupation because it was undergoing or in need of repairs or renovations or was unfit for occupation.

What is not eligible:

  • Shopping Centres (defined as greater than 25,000 square feet containing at least three rental units).
  • Seasonal commercial units
Duration: The rebate is restricted to a maximum of 3 taxation years for each ten-year period.
*Temporary Use: Uses of any type that do not pay rent for a period that does not exceed 60 days will NOT be considered as a break in the 90-day requirement. Documentation to support must be provided at time of application. Applications and complete eligibility requirements are available on this website or at the Tax Office counter.


Applications are available at the Tax Office, Level 2, Civic Centre or available online below.

Deadline: Applications for the 2023 taxation year must be filed by Tuesday, February 29, 2024Late applications cannot be accepted.

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