About the Medal

First presented in 1972, the Medal of Merit is an award given to a person or a group from Sault Ste. Marie in recognition of outstanding achievement or contribution to the community.

The sterling silver medal, circular in design, has the City coat of arms embossed on the face. The band encircling the coat of arms is inscribed "Medal of Merit, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario". The ribbon with clasp is attached to the medal with a silver bar.

The three colours depicted in the ribbon, gold, blue and grey, are intended to project the image of the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario as a flourishing and prosperous city. The gold band is symbolic of the Civic Centre, which is a landmark on the seaway, and the centre of local government in the area. The blue band represents the water or seaway upon the banks of which Sault Ste. Marie is situated and is the reason for its existence. The grey band represents industry, and in particular steel, which is our foundation and strength.

Medal of Merit Certificate and Medal

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