Sidewalk Furnishings and Overhead Signs & Fixtures

The City of Sault Ste. Marie is making it easier for businesses to place and install items that will make our Downtown look more beautiful and inviting.
In most cases now, encroachment agreements are no longer needed to install small street furnishings and overhead signs and fixtures on or over public sidewalks in the Downtown.
The guide below provides details on the regulations for placing and installing:
  • Small street furnishings - Note: Patios and larger seating arrangements for food and beverage services are not included in this, and require a separate patio permit (renewed annually) from the City.
  • A-frame signs / sandwich boards
  • Overhanging signs / blade signs - Note: A building permit is required.
  • Awnings, canopies and small overhead fixtures - Note: A building permit is required.
Downtown Sidewalk Guidelines for Businesses