Accessibility Defined

Accessibility is about ensuring that all people have full access in our community in an understanding, accepting and inclusive environment. A persons accessible needs may range from physical access to a more sensitive and aware surrounding.

Greater accessibility in our communities can be achieved through the identification, removal and prevention of barriers.

Customer Service Guide to Providing Service to Persons with Disabilities

  • Offer every customer your assistance and full attention
  • Identify yourself
  • Simply ask “How may I help you?”
  • Allow customer to describe their needs to you
  • Speak clearly and offer to assist if necessary
  • Don’t assume that the customer has a disability
  • Talk to the person not their support person
  • Do not approach a person’s support animal
  • Make accessible items available for people to see or to reach

Use Appropriate “People First Language”

It is important to call things by their right name.

  • You are handicapped/disabled or do you have a disability?
  • You are diabetic or do you have diabetes?
  • You are schizophrenic or to you have schizophrenia?
  • You are myopic or do you wear glasses?
  • You are cancerous or do you have cancer?

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