In today's world of a mobile work force, the best community development strategy is to create a higher quality of life to attract new residents and businesses. 

FutureSSM is a forward-thinking division of the Community Economic Development and Enterprise Services (CDES) Department at the City of Sault Ste. Marie, and its team works alongside community members and leaders to fulfill and build upon the recommendations laid out in the Community Adjustment Committee report, A Common Cause and New Direction for Sault Ste. Marie. Recommendations that include building our skilled labour force, addressing social inequities, celebrating our arts & culture, growing our post-secondary institutions, advancing Indigenous relationships, revitalizing our downtown and welcoming newcomers. 

We know through best practices that the only way to reach our true potential is to take a holistic four pillar approach to supporting community resilience that includes Cultural Vitality, Economic Growth & Diversity, Environmental Sustainability and Social Equity. Focusing on these four pillars will allow us to achieve our goals. We will invest in our people. We will celebrate our place. We will create prosperity. 


  1. Promote our community
  2. Refocus economic and community development
  3. Build our labour force
  4. Grow our post-secondary institutions
  5. Invite immigration and welcome newcomers
  6. Advance Indigenous relationships (reconciliation)
  7. Improve community well-being
  8. Revitalize our downtown

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For the latest information, visit: saultstemarie.ca/futuressmupdates and follow FutureSSM on social media at:

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Twitter: @SSMFuture
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