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Transit Stops

In cases where a bus stop or Parabus stop is temporarily inaccessible or where a temporary barrier exists, people with disabilities will be able to board or exit the bus at the closest available safe location.

In determining where a safe location is located, the operator will consider the preference of the person with a disability. However, the final safe location is determined by the operator. In these instances, operators will promptly report the inaccessible stop to the on-duty Transit inspector.

Boarding and Alighting the Bus

Upon request, operators will provide assistance (to the best of their ability) with boarding and exiting the bus, to people with disabilities. Transit operators will not lift individuals, strollers or large items. Persons needing such assistance should be travelling with a support person. Support persons may travel at no cost if they are assisting an individual with a disability and the individual has an attendant's card, which is available from Sault Transit office.

Operators will provide sufficient time for those who are unsteady on their feet to board and exit the bus and move safely to and from a seat.

Storage of Assistive Devices, Mobility Aids and Strollers

Where room is available and safe storage is possible, Transit operators will ensure assistive devices/mobility aids are safely stored and secured within the bus. People using oxygen are welcome on Sault Transit buses.
Walkers, canes, strollers, etc. should never obstruct the free flow or safety of other passengers in the aisle or entrance/exit area of buses.
All newer buses have at least two seats that fold up. This area can be used by passengers travelling with strollers.
The bus operator will fold and unfold these seats as required. However, should this seating area be marked as a Courtesy Seat and a passenger with a disability boards the bus, they will be given priority for this space.

Parabus Companions and Children

Companions and children may travel with persons with disabilities on Parabus, providing space is available. The same fare is charged for each child or companion according to Sault Transit's current fare schedule.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to provide a child securement system if required (i.e. car seat/booster seat).

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