Emergency Plan

In an emergency, Sault Transit's priorities are to: 
  1. Protect Life
  2. Preserve Property
  3. Maintain Service
Operators will inform the inspector of the emergency: 
  1. Advise if an evacuation is in progress 
  2. Advise of the nature of the emergency 
  3. Their route number
  4. Their location 
For public information purposes - duties of Sault Transit operators:
  • Operators will remain calm, stay patient and be prepared to make key decisions as quickly as possible.
  • Operators will activate 4-way flashers of the vehicle.
  • Operators will implement the safest emergency action - shelter-in-place, relocation, or evacuation.
  • Operators will bring the bus to a complete stop in a safe and open area.
  • Operators will tell the passengers to remain calm and also stay seated until bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Operators will secure the bus by applying the Spring Brake and place the transmission in neutral.
  • Operators will open all doors.
  • Operators will kneel the bus if this feature is available.
  • Operators will remove their seat belt.
  • Operators will not use wheelchair ramp (too time consuming during an emergency).
  • Operators will turn off the bus ignition.
  • If evacuation is necessary, operators will ask passengers to disembark, leaving large packages, strollers, or buggies. Operators will consider various factors including evacuation route, any smoke or traffic, timing, special considerations required for elderly and/or customers with disabilities, and preferable exits to evacuate customers from the vehicle.
  • On Para-bus service: operators will tell the wheelchair passenger(s) that they will be there to help them in a moment.
  • Operators will assist customers with elderly and/or mental health conditions as well as the young and elderly, who may have difficulty following directions and/or evacuation procedures.
  • On Para-bus service: Operators will remove wheelchair passengers, and will ask passengers for assistance if needed.
  • If required, operators will use a fire extinguisher only if the situation allows and is safe to do so.
  • Operators will not put themselves or anyone else in danger. Fighting fires will be left up to the professionals – Sault Fire Services.
  • Operators will follow the advice and direction of local emergency responders and their Transit Supervisors.
  • Sault Transit will provide assistance for passengers, including those with disabilities to complete their journey as soon as possible.
For public information purposes - responsibilities of passengers:

  • Passengers will remain calm, stay patient and be prepared to evacuate the vehicle if directed by the operator or emergency personnel.
  • Passengers will follow the direction of the transit operator, transit supervisors and emergency responders.
  • If passengers are evacuated from the bus to a safe location, passengers are expected to remain at that safe location until directed otherwise by transit supervisors or emergency response personnel.

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