Courtesy Seating

Courtesy seating is indicated with decals to provide safe seating for passengers with disabilities.

These seats are located on all Sault Transit buses; on both sides at or near the front of the bus.

Decals located on the window next to the courtesy seats indicate which seats are Courtesy Seats and people with disabilities should have first priority to these seats.

If space is available, passengers with other needs, such as caregivers with a child in a stroller or passengers with a bundle buggy may use the courtesy seat area but they should be aware that they may need to vacate the seats to accommodate someone with a disability.

The highest priority for courtesy seating should be given to passengers with disabilities.

When passengers who appear not to have a disability are occupying courtesy seating, passengers with disabilities who need the courtesy seating should politely ask passengers to occupy those seats to vacate the space.

Cooperation between all passengers is appreciated by Sault Transit staff.

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