Outdoor Fitness Centre

Outdoor Fitness Centre

Situated in Clergue Park near the waterfront, the Outdoor Fitness Centre is a great stop along the Hub Trail for all residents and visitors.

The equipment was installed as part of the #activeSault initiative to provide people alternative ways to stay active that are both affordable and accessible.

Outdoor Fitness Centre

Safety Instructions

  1. The usage of the park and its equipment are meant for individuals 12 years and older.
  2. The usage of the equipment is without supervision and meant for users with good health.
  3. Always warm up before and cool down after your workout.
  4. Use proper posture as shown. Proper posture will greatly reduce chances of injury and maximize exercise benefit.
  5. Use proper form. Focus on only working the muscle group intended for the exercise you are doing.
  6. Always breathe consistently and properly. Never hold your breath during any exercise. Holding your breath may cause severe intrathoracic pressure leading to dizziness or blackouts. Exhale slowly on exertion and inhale on the return part of the exercise.
  7. To ensure safety, please take some time to rest between exercises.
  8. Read the safety instruction for proper use of the equipment. Each unit contains an instructional sticker.
  9. Carefully impact each unit before using. If you notice problem such as loose parts please do not use the unit. Please inform others about the problem and call 1-800-463-2361 to report.

Warnings and Precautions

  1. Please be advised that the usage of the equipment is at your own risk peril and responsibility.
  2. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use the equipment without supervision.
  3. The usage of the equipment is not recommended for people with health conditions.
  4. The usage of the equipment is forbidden for people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, balancing difficulties and epilepsy.
  5. Keep safe distances of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from equipment while in use.
  6. Keep small children and others at a safe distance from all moving parts.
  7. The moving elements can be dangerous. Never allow your fingers, toes hair and other body parts near moving elements while in motion.
  8. Using this equipment with wet feet or without shoes is forbidden.
  9. If you are in bad health or have a disabling medical condition, ask the opinion of your physician and exercise only under supervision.
  10. During exercise, pay attention to how your body feels. If abnormal pain or discomfort occurs, stop exercising immediately!

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