Ermatinger Old Stone House

Old Stone House

The Ermatinger Old Stone House has been fully restored to depict the domestic and professional life of Charles Oakes Ermatinger, as well as other respected residents who lived in the House between 1808 and 1896.

The house measures 35' by 45' with the original grounds/property spanning 252 acres.

Old Stone House - Dining Room Old Stone House - Winter Kitchen

The story of the Ermatinger family weaves into Canada's history with regards to the early settlers, voyageurs, soldiers, writers, and artists. Prior to the completion of the transcontinental railway, Sault Ste. Marie was the gateway between the eastern settlement of Canada and the Western boundaries of exploration.

Charles Oakes Ermatinger was born in Montreal in 1776. He was of Swiss decent and was the son of the wealthy Lawrence Ermatinger and Jemima Oakes. Members of Charles' extended family had been involved in the fur trade and naturally he followed suit.

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