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Sharps Disposal Bins

Algoma Public Health and the City would like to remind residents to be careful if they come across discarded needles. For the most part, people who use needles take steps to dispose of them properly. However, as the snow melts, you may find needles on the ground. 
In Sault Ste. Marie, if needles are found on public property, citizens may call the Public Works and Engineering Department at 705-759-5201 to arrange for pickup and proper disposal by City staff.
The Needle Drop Bins provide an option for the public to safely drop off any used needles found in the community. Please use the instructions above and place only small hard plastic containers with lids in the Drop Bins.

  • Sault Ste. Marie Soup Kitchen (172 James Street)
  • Gore Street at Albert Street (140 Gore Street)
  • King Street outside of the John Howard Society (27 King Street)
  • Pauline’s Place – (235 Wellington Street West)
  • Dennis Street Bus Terminal (160 Queen Street East)
  • Algoma Public Health (294 Willow Avenue)
  • Group Health Centre (240 McNabb Street)
Sharps (needles) may pose a risk of physical harm or serious blood-borne infections if handled inappropriately. It is important to pick up and dispose of them properly.
  • Use a pair of tongs, pliers or tweezers to pick up the needle. It is best to wear rubber gloves.
  • Pick the needle up by pointing the needle tip down and away from you.
  • Put the needle in a hard plastic container several millimeters thick with a tight lid and tape the lid shut.
  • touch the object
  • recap
  • bend
  • purposely break or remove the needle from the syringe     

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