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Ongoing Precautions and Additional Information

Algoma Public Health is actively monitoring the situation and providing public health guidance to Algoma residents, returning travellers, local health professionals, and local employers. 
There is an ongoing risk of contracting COVID-19 in our local communities. In order to prevent uncontrolled person-to-person spread in our communities, every Algoma resident must keep doing the following actions, which have helped to flatten the curve so far:
  • Every single person must practice physical distancing. Avoid close contact with those outside of your immediate families and stay 2 metres apart from other people at all times.
  • Anyone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, must stay home.  If you have symptoms and are worried that you may have contracted COVID-19, please call your local assessment centre to see if you should get tested.
  • All returning international travellers must stay home for 14 days.  This is a mandatory requirement from the Government of Canada’s emergency order under the Quarantine Act.   
  • If you have travelled to Canadian or Ontario communities, and were in close contact with other people in a setting known to be experiencing a community outbreak of COVID-19, Algoma Public Health also recommends that you stay home for 14 days.  Although this is not required under the law, it is an additional recommendation to help prevent spread of the virus in our communities. 

If need to seek health care for COVID-19

If you are unwell and need to seek health assessment for COVID-19 there are options available:
  • A Self Assessment Tool is available at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus
  • Telehealth Ontario at: 1-866-797-0000 (24/7)
  • Your primary care provider - you should call your primary care provider and they will provide virtual assessment by phone or other technology. You should not book an in-person visit for COVID-19 assessment without first having a virtual assessment.
For accurate information about the coronavirus outbreak from current and reliable sources visit the sites below:

Enhanced measures to protect Ontarians from COVID-19

Algoma Public Health

Ministry of Health

Public Health Ontario

Public Health Agency of Canada

World Health Organization
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