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Building and Contractors

Associated By-laws and Enforcement

City By-laws associated with building such as zoning, special exceptions, building, property standards, yard maintenance, sewer use, streets and related matters, signs, swimming pool regulations, numbering of properties, naming of private roadways, and pigeons.

Building Inspections

Information regarding inspections such as advanced notice, who to call and what is required.

Building Permits

Permits ensure the construction within the municipality meets standards set out in the Ontario Building Code. View requirements, application information, FAQs, fees, statistics, and use of permits.

Health and Safety

The City has a responsibility to ensure that all work undertaken in our workplace and/or job site is performed in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its applicable regulations and Corporate/Departmental policies/procedures. Only Contractors that have successfully completed a Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire will be placed on our Approved Contractor’s List. Learn how to apply here.

Moving Permits

A moving permit is required for any building, tank, steel vessel, pipe, tube fabricated sections, metal or wood frame, bull dozer, crane or any other object carried on a vehicle or combination of vehicles used in the moving of a structure which exceeds a certain size. View size and information and various moving permit applications.

Swimming Pools

Requirements and information on the installation of a private swimming pool. View the Swimming Pool Owners Guide.

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