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Voting From Home

Registration is now closed.

If there are barriers preventing you from voting at an Advance Vote day or on Voting Day (Monday, October 22, 2018), you may apply for a home visit to cast your ballot.

With the home voting option, an election team member will come to your residence to provide you with a ballot.

The ballot is marked in the same way you would at a regular poll. An envelope system will be used to protect the secrecy of your vote. Your ballot will be placed in a sealed ballot box and counted after the polls close on Voting Day.

Once you vote using the home visit option, you are not eligible to vote again. View Eligibility to Vote for more information.

When a member of the election team arrives at your home you will need to provide suitable identification. For more information, visit Acceptable Voter Identification.

Application Form

Registration is now closed.

Applications were accepted until Thursday, October 11 at 4:30 p.m.
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