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Stone Cradle

The Cultural Advisory Board Community Recognition Award is designed after the Stone Cradle created by Tim Barthelmes. Below is a description of the sculpture in Tim's own words.

"The Stone Cradle is a representation of our identity and diversity of our community culture combining the past, present and future.

Stone Cradle

The rock symbolizes the relics of a geologic past which has shaped our Canadian Shield into some of the most breathtaking scenery around. These rock formations stand tall and rugged holding within them the power of our past. The red ochre pictographs are legendary evidence of a past cultural heritage. The peregrine falcon symbolizes our present culture. The word “peregrine” means traveller or wanderer – an appropriate name for a bird so widely distributed. Our heritage too, has become multi-cultural with people from all walks of life.

Presently, the peregrine falcon has become a symbol of success as they begin to reappear after almost being wiped out by the indiscriminate use of DDT. This holds true to our heritage today; if we as a people don’t start the preservation process now, a prosperous future cannot be secured. This incredible recovery of the peregrine falcon can be attributed to the long, hard work and dedication of many concerned. This eye-opener should encourage individuals to continue to protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage.

The nest of eggs symbolizes our future cultures. The eggs represent new life and new beginnings. As with the peregrine falcon, we too are given the responsibility to nurture and protect the coming future. We as a people must stand together, in order to teach our cultural heritage which will be carried on to future generations. Neglect can be the result of a broken egg; easily eaten for breakfast without a thought. Will we deprive the next generation their right to a culture?

A heritage not had – results in no culture. What we do today will affect tomorrow."

 - Tim Barthelmes
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